Mobile Search

Mobile Search 2.08

Search your mobile for contacts, emails and messages

Mobile Search is the first complete search application for the Symbian platform. After entering any search string, the application searches for results in the following areas:

  • Contacts, search is processed in any field
  • Calendar, inclusive notes, appointments and anniverseries
  • Todo application
  • SMS in all folders and custom subfolders
  • Email in all folders and custom subfolders, searches in body as well as subject
  • Notepad
  • Found files can be viewed in associated application

With the integrated option dialog, you can define in which sections of the mobile the search should be processed to get your results as fast as possible.
After successful search, you 'll get a list with all found results, which can be directly viewed. You can also switch to the associated application, when a contact is selected, you can even jump directly to the correct entry in the contacts application.

A handy search tool for anyone whose phone is full of data.

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Mobile Search


Mobile Search 2.08